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about Peter

Hello! My name is Peter James, an IB student, and a tutor for WWTutoring all the way from the middle east. The subjects that I am most interested in are Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English – which is why I am taking these subjects at Higher Level for my IB Diploma at school.

To satisfy my interest in Math related subjects, I have been taking advanced courses in math and physics, and this year I will be taking Linear Algebra and Discrete Math – two college level math courses. I especially enjoy STEM subjects because they teach people to think critically, encouraging us to use logical reasoning, and other problem-solving skills which help develop us not only as Mathematicians, Chemists and Physicists, but also as people as well.

I strongly believe that becoming proficient in a STEM subject is a good indicator that a student is hardworking and persistent. These characteristics help us succeed when we are learning further complicated material or when we are trying to accomplish just about anything that is difficult which challenges us.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
I specialize in STEM subjects, and I have strong experience in the three sciences, Math and English.
Experience with kids
I teach young students violin every week through a program I founded, and I also help mentor children who speak English as a second language, improving their reading comprehension, and literacy skills, so they may understand, and speak English more fluently.
Academic Credentials
I am a straight A student taking the most challenging courses offered to me at all times, I have achieved the highest grades of all time in my school for certain subjects, and consistently place top 5 in National Olympiad Competitions in Math and sciences.