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about Nohemi

Hello! My name is Nohemi Vela and I attend High School in Fair Oaks, California. I was born in Mexico, hence I speak fluent Spanish. My favorite academic subjects are math, chemistry, and physics although my biggest strength is math.

I’m a translator/tutor for Willow Way Tutoring and I absolutely love helping people and watching them succeed since I myself know what it is like to be behind the rest of the class. I’ve always taken the most advanced classes my school has to offer and I’ve always put in all my effort to receive the highest GPA I could get.

Besides academics in school, I am also a musician! I play the alto saxophone and I’m currently learning vibraphone. I’ve been playing saxophone for five years and have been in the CMEA Capitol Section Honor Band for three years in a row now. I also play for my school’s band/marching band, and I used to take part in the Sacramento Youth Symphony Classic Orchestra as well. As a musician, I’ve developed many leadership/collaboration skills which is why I can work so well with others!

I firmly believe that learning should be something enjoyable and something that works for everyone. All of us learn differently and I want to help the students based on their specific learning needs. The more fun we have, the better they learn and the more it sticks in their head which is exactly what I’m going for!!

Other random fun facts about me: I played soccer for a long time before I broke my arm on a zipline in elementary school, I was in Science Olympiad for all three years in middle school, and I absolutely love photography.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
My favorite subjects to tutor are math and Spanish (as well as translating Spanish)
Experience with kids
I’ve helped tutor for my school’s CSF club, and I have helped supervise small parties we hosted for kids for my community service at the Carmichael Library.
Academic Credentials
I’ve been taking AP classes ever since they were available for me to take in high school, I’ve been in Science Olympiad and Academic Decathlon, and I always maintain high grades in all my classes.