about Maryam

Hello everyone! I'm Maryam Qazikhani, holding the role of vice president and tutor for WE. As a committed student pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of California Davis, I have developed a solid groundwork in STEM disciplines. Throughout my educational path, I have continually showcased my unwavering dedication to learning and a fervent enthusiasm for broadening my understanding across a range of subjects.

My aspiration to become a tutor is driven by my strong desire to share my knowledge and serve as a mentor to others. Given my academic focus on STEM, my preferred areas for tutoring lie in mathematics and chemistry. Hence, as someone who is comfortable with these subject matters and has achieved success in them, I am eager to make a meaningful contribution to WE. I recognize that this role comes with significant responsibilities, demanding not only a deep subject understanding but also the ability to engage with students fairly and focus on positive outcomes. I believe I possess these attributes. Additionally, I take pleasure in assisting others and excel in interpersonal skills. Understanding how my peers learn is one of my key strengths, enabling me to explain concepts in various ways. Lastly, I value creativity and will strive to present information in innovative ways that captivate students and leave a lasting impact.

Tutor's Information

Academic Credentials
I achieved the honor of becoming the Valedictorian
Earned President's Award for Educational Excellence
Winner of the Buck Scholarship
I have earned The Seal of Biliteracy for my fluency in two languages, Farsi and Russian.