about Kyrylo

Hello, my name is Kyrylo. My family moved to the United States from Ukraine when I was 8. In my free time I like to read books, ride my bike, and learn programming. I am fluent in English and Russian, and I understand Ukrainian.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
My favorite subject to tutor is math. It is also my favorite subject in school even though it is often the hardest. I enjoy working with numbers and solving challenging problems.
Experience with kids
I have previous tutoring experience with another nonprofit organization in which I tutored a student online through Google Meet as part of an internship. Before each meeting I created detailed slideshow presentations which made teaching easier, quicker, and more effective. Explaining concepts to student also allows me to deepen my own understanding of the subject.
Academic Credentials
I always get the best grades in school and currently I am two years ahead of the base school curriculum for math. My other favorite subjects include Spanish, chemistry, and history. Outside of school, I enjoy programming and in the future plan to achieve a career in the IT field.