about Kaavya

Hi! My name is Kaavya Mishra. I'm 13 years old- which puts me in 8th grade; almost high school. My favorite subjects are chemistry, biology, and literature, but I love learning as a whole! My favorite of all of these is literature because of its versatility; chemistry and biology are important in the STEM field, but literature is necessary everywhere!

The insight given by learning more in the language and literature field is invaluable to anyone and everyone. My experience with academics is suitable for tutoring, as I have attended gifted programs such as the Summer Institute for the Gifted, Center for Talent Development, and about 3 other such programs. In school, I have always made it a point to stay at the top of my schoolwork, my total average never dropping below a 3.9. But my love for academics isn't the only thing that inspired me to be a tutor. I find myself teaching concepts to my peers on a daily basis, to the point where many of my classmates regularly reach out to ask questions regarding certain lessons. I have tutored several students before, and I look forward to this new opportunity!

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
I especially like to tutor in STEM areas like science and mathematics.
Experience with kids
I've tutored 3 students in mathematics in my school district, and I have helped out my neighbors, friends, and family members with academic work.
Academic Credentials
I have completed the seventh grade in public school, and I currently take three high school classes. I have taken about 5 college level courses during the summer for fun. My grades consistently stay up, and I have participated in numerous programs such as Math Olympiad for over 5 years.