about Julian

Hello, my name is Julian and I'm a rising senior from Seattle, Washington. I currently attend the Stanford Online High School. My favorite subjects throughout my academic career have been math and computer-science oriented. I really enjoyed calculus and algebra, as well as the computer science courses that I have been taking for the past two years. My strongest points are in mathematics and computer science, and I have experience with both C++ and Java. I am currently developing my first website which aims to map COVID Cases in the United States.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Intro Computer Science
Experience with kids
I worked as a cycling instructor for two years, teaching younger kids the proper skills and technique to keep them safe when riding. I also did non-official tutoring for my friends in my freshman year of high-school.
Academic Credentials
I'm a strong A student and I have taken multiple AP classes, including AP Physics, AP Calc BC, and AP Computer Science.