about Hannah

Hi! My name is Hannah Lee and I am currently a sophomore. I attend Franklin High School and my favorite subjects are math and science. I am currently taking AP Chemistry and Pre Calculus Honors at my school. I am also in the Engineering STEAM Academy at my school.

Outside of school, I have been taking private flute lessons for over 5 years and I've also played the piano for 7 years. Besides flute and piano, I learned how to play the clarinet and trombone at my middle school band. Before COVID, I played on a competitive soccer team and I also was a member of my high school's track and field team. I am also in the National Honor Society and I take part in clubs such as the American Red Cross Club and American Cancer Society. I wanted to become a tutor because I want to help those who are struggling in school and help them understand anything they have trouble with.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
Some of my favorite subjects to tutor in are math, specifically algebra, and science.
Experience with kids
I've always helped my high school classmates who had trouble understanding the math or science related concepts when there was in-person school.
Academic Credentials
I am a straight A student and have a weighted GPA of over 4.0. I take either all honor classes or AP level classes at my school.