about Fatema

Hi, I'm Fatema and I am a senior at El Camino high school here at California. I speak Dari fluently, therefore I am bilingual. I enjoy translating and helping others. During my time as a student intern, I helped many of the kids understand the assignments and the teachers instructions by translating to them. Outside of school, I enjoy listening to music and going on walks.

I'm currently part of the MAP program that is offered at our school. The Medical Assisting Pathway (MAP) program is a new but challenging program that is very beneficial because it gives anyone interested in the medical field a head start in their medical career. I am still contemplating about my career options but I hope as MAP course progresses, I will have a definite answer.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
Math, science, and history. I also enjoy translating.
Experience with kids
For the past two summers, I was a student intern for the San Juan school district. I was placed at elementary schools and I mostly worked with 3-5th graders. I helped them with their summer projects and writing assignments including spelling, grammer, and helping them understand the assignment.
Academic Credentials
I have a 4.0 unweighted GPA and I have taken several honors, AP classes and I'm currently taking a dual enrollment class as well. I am in my second and last year of the MAP program. The MAP program is a rigorous, college level class that stands for the Medical Assisting Pathway. Here we are trained in various aspects to become medical assistants. Eventually, by the end of this year, we will get our medical assistant certification.