about Daria

Hello! I am currently a High School junior in California. I speak Russian, English and currently learning Spanish. I started tutoring last year and think this is a great opportunity for students to socialize. At the moment I am enjoying learning about Art and famous Art movements. Starting from my High School freshman year I was in IS program, and my favorite subjects besides Art is English and Biology!

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
Even know I am more of an Art person, pretty much I can help with any subject, but personaly prefer math, biology and history.
Experience with kids
By helping students with homework I want to gain a little bit of experience in teaching and becoming more confident in offering help to people who needs it. Previously I've been helping students with math, algebra and history homework.
Academic Credentials
I used to keep a good GPA through my school years. I got chosen as a student of the year my 8th grade, which am really proud of. I enjoy playing sports and activities such as attending cubs, sports, and visiting library. Also I was a part of girl's volleyball team my freshman year!