about Barrett

Hello, I am Barrett Gallo, a rising high school freshman from Rhode Island. I am a competitive squash player and the co-owner of a pet sitting business with my sister. For the past three years, I have volunteered at an after school sports and academic program for underserved middle schoolers with a focus on college acceptance. Additionally, during COVID -19, I began volunteering with elementary students for Learn to Be online tutoring.

I have a strong math and science background, but I enjoy working with younger children in reading and math. I love to read and work to tailor volunteer sessions to the interests and strengths of the students. Many of the students I tutor come from a large classroom setting where the teacher does not have time to adjust the work to the student's learning style. I am also available to teach English to anyone who is learning it for the first time.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
Math and woking with students learning or improving reading and spelling.
Experience with kids
I have experience working with middle schoolers at an afterschool sports and college prep program. I also volunteer to work with elementary school children learning to read and spell