Newcomer Peer Tutor, WWTutor

about Arhan

Hi! My name is Arhan Surapaneni and I am a rising high-school sophomore at Stanford Online High School, as well as a tutor at WWTutoring. I especially love subjects related to biology such as human anatomy. From a young age subjects about the ways our bodies work and the chemistry behind that has always inspired me and led me to grow this passion through taking subjects like AP Chemistry and even Biology through John Hopkins. These subjects also allowed me to gain an interest in Neuroscience, as I study the interesting functions behind how we think and participating in competitions like the International Brain Bee.

With this interest in medicine and specific area of science I am able to volunteer at the ICU at my local hospital allowing me to increase my awareness, and learn about the climate that both doctors and patients experience everyday.

I especially have a passion for sharing my knowledge in subjects like Chemistry, Biology, and the different Mathematics behind these sciences. Though these subjects are my favorites I can offer help with many other subjects such as English, History, and different areas of Statistics. I can speak Telugu and I am currently learning Latin.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
Chemistry, Biology, Math
Experience with kids
I am a part of WWT's Newcomer Summer School program where we virtually work alongside high school students who have been in the U.S. for less than two years.
Academic Credentials
I have taken AP courses in Chemistry and Biology and have a strong foundation in neuroscience through competing in the International Brain Bee.