about Amena

I tend to be deep, complex and creative. The direction in my life is guided by i tightly held personal values. Intrigued by original ways of looking at the world, I was inspired by innovation and creative problem solving. I am good at influencing others to embrace positive change in their own lives by gently, steadily setting an example for them. With a richly developed inner life, my intuition helps me discover meaning and new possibilities.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
My favorite areas of tutoring are English, translating, health, essays,and giving advice about work and motivation.And helping with anything else i can.
Experience with kids
I have helped a lot of students with essays and I have helped in Germany for 2 months I have taught in Germany for two months grown ups and kids and I have worked in a nursing room for women's only and I have made baby bottles, but they asked me to translate only and I wanted to do more. And I helped my neighbors kids too. Since people didn't now English and I knew 3 langues they asked me to work and I asked them not to pay me because I was doing it out of my willingness.
Academic Credentials
I have accomplished a lot of dad has put it somewhere I have a lot from my middle school and I have one for the best student one.