Founder, Former President & Current Senior Advisor

about Alexander

Hello all. My name is Alexander Yue, a founder, programmer, and tutor for WW Tutoring & Enrichment. My favorite subjects are mathematics, physics and computer science. I’ve always enjoyed math in particular and believe learning mathematical principles at an early age is foundational to later growth in STEM related fields. In 6th grade, I took the SAT and somehow managed to score a perfect 800 on the math section. Since then, I have pursued advanced mathematics at our local university and recently took Linear Algebra, an interesting class used in physics, artificial intelligence and engineering. I love teaching the logic and problem solving skills in math to students and think the best way to do so is by letting them learn through their own discoveries. While tutoring in math is my favorite, I’m not limited to it! I can tutor in a variety of subjects and I am dedicated to keeping WWTutoring & Enrichment an active source of free learning for kids who need it.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
I specialize in STEM areas including mathematics, physics, and computer science.
Experience with kids
I regularly volunteer and have twice earned the President's Volunteer Service Award Gold medal for my work tutoring K-12th grade students.
Academic Credentials
I’m a straight-A student who has been taking AP and college-level classes for approximately four years. I also coded the scoring program used in National and Pan-American Modern Pentathlon and am a Davidson Young Scholar and member of John Hopkins SET program.