about Agustin

Hello! My name is Agustin and I'm in 8th grade. Some of my strengths are speaking, reading, and writing in English and Spanish. I go to a charter school that teaches in both English and Spanish. I have taken a Spanish Language Arts class every year since kindergarten.

Speaking Spanish has opened up many new possibilities in my life. It has helped me communicate with my great-grandma who only speaks Spanish. It also allows me to connect with Spanish speaking communities. I am also friendly and helpful. I assist with chores around the house and every weekend I go to church to help the priest during Mass.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
Some areas I like to tutor in are math and reading skills in both English and Spanish.
Experience with kids
I have worked in a classroom assisting children with classwork as well as helping them with their reading skills. I have also assisted with my younger siblings at home by assisting in their homework and taking care of them when my parents are away.
Academic Credentials
Some of my academic accomplishments are learning multiple subjects in both English and Spanish. For example, I have studied math, science, and history in both languages. I have also written essays in both Spanish and English. I will take the AP Spanish test at the end of this year. I am in an advanced math class, taking Integrated Math 1 in 8th grade.