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  • Ages 6 to 18 Years
  • 60 minutes

In these sessions, we help with homework and other school assignments or work more generally on academic skills in a particular subject area. For students with limited English skills, we provide a translator to assist the tutor and the student in these sessions. Students work individually with their tutor or in a group of 2-5 students. In this video, McKenzie works with a student on her math assignment with Nessar providing translator support.

Hangout Fun

  • Ages 6 to 18 Years
  • 60 minutes

In Hangout sessions, we help students build English fluency, gain confidence in speaking with others, and provide a much needed social connection. We play games (Uno, pictionary, 20 questions, Would You Rather), share music, and joke around. These sessions are a LOT of fun! In this video, Avery and Nohemi partner up to hangout with a Newcomer student who moved to the US just 2 months prior.

Drop-in Tutoring

  • Ages 6 to 18 Years
  • 5 mins to 3 hours

In these sessions we allow students to drop in for help as needed. These sessions run each evening for 2 hours and for 3 hours on Saturday afternoons. Students do not need a scheduled appointment to attend and can stay for as long as they'd like, knowing there is help when they need it. They can also use this time to practice english or build general skills with a tutor. These sessions are also a lot of fun for our tutors who like the variety.

About Us

We're experienced

Our tutors have all dedicated many hours to their own academic excellence and are prepared to help others on their own paths. Collectively we have logged over four thousand hours helping kids and hope to help many more!

We enjoy helping others learn

We love seeing that light bulb go off! Whether students come to us because they’re struggling or because they want enrichment —we're always ready to help them reach their next level.

We understand newcomers!

We understand how challenging (and rewarding!) it is to learn a new language, at a new school, in a new country. Our tutors are compassionate and encouraging and are genuinely excited to work alongside their students each week. The best part of WW Tutoring & Enrichment are the friendships that form.

We’re fun!

Learning should be enjoyable; in order to make tedious homework a little more tolerable, we strive to bring joy into our sessions and do so by teaching through games, humor, and play.

We’re flexible

We’re willing to work with whatever is best for the student; we offer multiple times after school as well as on the weekends. We work 1:1 or in small groups.

We're safe

We have numerous safeguards in place to keep students and tutors safe. All tutoring sessions occur through Zoom, with meeting links securely and automatically generated and emailed to the student. We are also supervised by a parent volunteer who reviews Zoom sessions and attends in-person events.