about Nate

Hello my name is Nathan, I just graduated from Rio Americano High School this summer. I plan on going to Cal Maritime to study Mechanical Engineering, in the fall. My favorite subjects are math and science, and I enjoy being outdoors, whether I am hiking, biking, or climbing. I am an Eagle Scout, and my favorite extracurricular is robotics. I have lots of experience with kids, as I have three younger siblings. I have also led small groups in summer camps for 4 years now. As I said, I just graduated from Rio Americano on the Honor Roll, and I am excited to start tutoring.

Tutor's Information

favorite tutoring areas
Math, Science
Experience with kids
In addition to having three younger siblings, I have small groups at youth summer camps for four years.
Academic Credentials
Honor Roll graduate, extensive AP coursework, Robotics Club Captain