A glimpse at what tutoring is like with us!

We're so glad you're interested in joining us!

Here are some reasons why you should help us tutor students.

Well, first off, you’d get a chance to invest in others, which is always fun. Plus, teaching is the best way to learn, so you yourself get a benefit as well. Furthermore, if those two things aren’t enough, community service can help give you skills and experiences that help move you forward in the future.

Additionally, tutoring refugee and newcomer students provides an incredible opportunity to have considerable impact. Many of our students have been in our country for less than two years and most are refugees. Volunteering in this program has been the most meaningful and rewarding project we have ever done. We are told frequently by the school district that we are changing lives with our tutoring sessions and in reviewing our Zoom sessions across time, we see this to be true--for both students and tutors!

If you are a student who wants to support refugees and newcomer students as they begin their new lives in America- this may be the program for you!

If you become a WW tutor, you will have the ability to set your own schedule as well as what language(s) you can tutor in. If you just speak English, that's absolutely fine! We have terrific translators who work alongside us during our tutoring sessions when needed.

You will also have the chance to help run our organization. We are student run and have periodic team meetings where we figure out what's working, what's not, and what needs to be done. While we have a parent supervisor, we pretty much run this ourselves.

As for what we are looking for in a tutor, we are looking for high-achieving students who are enthusiastic about helping others, patient, and committed to seeing kids succeed. Because we aim to build relationships with the students we tutor, consistency is key in our program, and we value tutors who can commit to a constant weekly schedule (of 1 to 15 hours per week) for a full semester. In special circumstances, we will accept an applicant who can only commit to a portion of a semester if the weeks are in a block.

Finally, we carefully track and log all volunteer hours. As such, volunteers with Willow Way Tutoring can accrue validated hours that can go towards awards such as the Presidential Service Award or the Congressional Award. We are proud to share that we now have several tutors who have earned multiple awards from these prestigious organizations through their work with Willow Way Tutoring & Enrichment.

If it does not work out to serve as a tutor with us, please know that there are lots of other ways for you to support the work of our organization in the meantime! Just contact us to see how you can become involved.

To submit an application, simply read the following information and then click the button at the bottom. Our tutor application will then open in a new page.