About Us

We're good at what we do

Our tutors have all dedicated many hours to their own academic excellence and are prepared to help others on their own paths. We have logged over one thousand hours helping kids in other areas and, in founding this website, hope to help many more!

We enjoy helping kids learn

We love seeing that light bulb go off for kids! Whether they come to us because they’re struggling or because they want enrichment or to defend against boredom and summer slump—we're ready to help all children reach the next level.

We know remote learning is hard on kids

Because of this, we are happy to serve as simply a homework buddy, helping to increase focus and motivation on the student's assigned work and only helping when needed, or as a more interactive tutor, encouraging work on an enrichment activity or project—or something else entirely. Whichever works best!

We’re Fun!

Learning should be enjoyable; in order to make tedious homework a little more tolerable, we strive to bring joy into our sessions and do so by teaching through games, humor, and play.

We’re flexible

We’re willing to work with whatever is best for you; you can choose the time and tutor that best suits your needs by scheduling appointments directly with us online. All meetings occur through Zoom, with meeting links securely and automatically generated and emailed to you.

We're safe

We have numerous safeguards in place to keep students and tutors safe. We are also supervised by a parent volunteer.

Breakout Session Helper

Breakout Session

We are happy to work on whatever skill or activity you'd like for us to with your students.

In this video, Alexander practices addition math facts with two young students during a breakout session by playing a game where they take turns rolling dice and adding the numbers.

We are comfortable with wiggles and understand how distracting distance learning can be for young kids. For older kids, we know how distance learning can affect focus and motivation. We can tutor, build skills, or simply provide personalized attention and encouragement to your students!

Scheduling Details

  • Grades K-6
  • 1 hr - 4 hr blocks

To schedule a breakout room helper, simply click the button with the amount of time you would like to schedule one of our helpers for. This will take you to our availability calender where you can select the date and time that work best for you.

In the contact information, you'll be asked to input your video conference location.

It's as simple as that! Confirmation and reminder emails will be automatically sent to you and your helper with all the appointment information needed. These emails will also contain buttons for you to easily change or cancel a session with us.

Meet our Tutors

You Can Also Schedule Specific Helpers for Breakout Blocks Here


Hello all. My name is Alexander Yue, a founder, programmer, and tutor for WWTutoring. My favorite subjects are mathematics, physics and computer science. I’ve always enjoyed math in particular and believe learning mathematical principles at an early age is foundational to later growth in STEM related fields. In 6th grade, I took the SAT and somehow managed to score a perfect 800 on the math section. Since then, I have pursued advanced mathematics at our local university and am currently taking Linear Algebra, an interesting class used in physics, artificial intelligence and engineering. I love teaching the logic and problem solving skills in math to students and think the best way to do so is by letting them learn through their own discoveries. While tutoring in math is my favorite, I’m not limited to it! I can tutor in a variety of subjects and I am dedicated to keeping WWTutoring an active source of free learning for kids who need it.

I regularly volunteer in various children's programs and have babysat for friends and family. I have some experience in tutoring k-12 and hope to have much more soon. I’m a straight-A student who has been taking AP and college-level classes for approximately three years. I also coded the scoring program used in National and Pan-American Modern Pentathlon and am a Davidson Young Scholar and member of John Hopkins SET program.


Hello! I’m Avery, one of the founders of WWTutoring and one of our tutors.My greatest strengths lie in the more language/literature alley, which means things like reading comprehension and book clubs, essays and creative writing projects, and Spanish homework. Creative writing especially is near and dear to my heart. I started fiction writing when I was nine, the age I drafted my first book, Salim’s Battle, and published it through the Society of Young Inklings, a creative writing nonprofit that I volunteer through. Writing is my favorite thing in the world and I’d be honored to work with any student who wants to work on it with me, and that of course includes academic essay writing as well. I can also help with reading comprehension and reading skills through things like book clubs and games. Though I’m not fluent in Spanish I can help with Spanish homework.

I serve in Children’s Ministry in my church and babysit. I’ve also volunteered as a tutor in various writing programs and currently help mentor a handful young writers through a creative writing nonprofit. I am a straight A student who has been taking AP and college level classes for approximately two years. I am also a member of the Johns Hopkins SET program, a published author, and have applied to be a TA in AP Literature in 2021.


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